This Page is for briefing and communicating Privately with artist

We love the story behind these images. We would like to ask your permission to publish these images in our quarterly magazine. They will be published once and promoted online—website and social media—credited with your name. Imagery by @marinamandarinamarina ( Content will be deleted after communicating with artist. 

Submission details: 

  1. Kavyar: or Email via wetransfer/dropbox/googledrive

  2. Image size: Minimum short edge 2550 pixels (necessary for high quality print).

  3. If you have words you would like to attach to your photography please include. For example, some photographers like to include a short story or explanation with their imagery.


We chose this imagery for the following reasons:

  1. The characters make sense within the surrounding environment. The context of dreaming and exploration is communicated better with young people as subjects—look at the latest hit series “Stranger Things” or the German series “Dark.”

  2. The characters clothing also compliments the context of imagery. To wear high fashion luxury clothing would be a mistake because it wouldn’t be well lit and would communicate a mixed message.

  3. The 1980’s and 1990’s (dawn of computer age) is popular now and will probably continue as long as TV and Movies are produced reflecting the era.

  4. You have done a good job of exploring the character (closeup, far away, textures, and different angles).

  5. Things like highlighting the door in the second image are a very good idea.

If you have more imagery from the series below, please include. Feel free to also create something new with a similar theme.

PLEASE READ AND REPLY to our terms and conditions. We are flexible and transparent, if terms do not meet your expectation please suggest something in place.