This Page is for briefing and communicating Privately with artist

Rocketlight publishes photographic and illustrative art and we are contacting you because we think your work is in-line with our magazine. Your imagery will be published via on-demand magazine and promoted online—website and social media—credited with your name. You retain all the rights to your work and can request to rescind your work at anytime by contacting

PLEASE READ AND REPLY to our terms and conditions. We are flexible and transparent, if terms do not meet your expectation please suggest something in place. 


Thanks for your interest in submitting your imagery by email—please use WeTransfer / Google / DropBox

  1. Email images to:


Where What When

Rocketlight is distributed on platform and can be ordered world-wide. We also distribute the magazine within the Houston arts district and local festivals. Your imagery will be published in our Summer (June 2019) Issue.

For an example of how entries are placed, view our recent issue here.

Example of Imagery to publish

Cinema series

We are also open to the idea of creating a new series in likeness of these. Keywords: Future, minimalistic, complex pattern, and distant.

Clear & Transparent

  1. We do not compensate our contributors or provide free copies of the magazine.

  2. The cover is curated from all submissions and there is no guarantee that your image will be the cover.

  3. The magazine is sold on our platform and is ordered on demand. See more here.

  4. We will showcase your work in a clear and professional layout without advertising and visual “noise.” See layout of previous issue here.