A visual arts magazine distributed on demand published *quarterly. Think of us as a tactile and digital platform to share your work—Digestible visual and written information for artists by artists. Rocketlight is our escape.
*Recent change.

How we started

A Venezuelan Creative Director and veteran US Airline Pilot began Rocketlight as a personal collection—this rapidly evolved into a compartmentalization project of curated work. Today Shane and Juan take pride in hosting and archiving work with the artist in mind.

Juan Nino and Shane Qureshi play in Houston, Texas USA.


1) Our creative team recognizes the best contributors. Rhodium, Platinum, Gold, and Palladium—four precious metals awarded each issue. 2) As a submitter you also receive credibility in the form of a digital tear sheet which can be traced back to us for reference. If we have not received your tear sheet, send us an email with your request. 3) All our issues are archived on blurb.com/user/rocketlight and you can find them fast.


Submit your best work

Submissions are free. 


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Printed bimonthly via Blurb Inc, San Francisco CA.